Escort Service

Tiroltrans is not only oversize loads, but also all the services around them, like the escort service.

An escort of an oversize load is a convoy of vehicles in charge of accompanying an oversize load vehicle on the road. Escort drivers are specialised on this kind of transport and they must possess the appropriate driving licence and authorisations released by competent offices.

The laws usually prescribe that any oversize load vehicle should have an appropriate escort, considering also the chosen route, in order to avoid any clutters to the traffic.
An escort team usually needs the presence of an escort leader, who is responsible of the work of the whole team and is also in charge of making sure all rules and laws are observed. It is his faculty to decide eventual alternative routes based on the conditions of traffic and if any help by Police forces is required in case the route is too difficult.
Even the positions of the escort vehicles must be decided prior to the operation and always in compliance with the laws.

The advantage of choosing an escort team managed by Tiroltrans is having qualified and competent personnel taking care of your project, and, on top of that, having vehicles able to circulate all around Europe, as we have got all authorisations and signage needed. The load is our priority and we are always committed to assure the transportation happens as safe and fast as possible.

In order to set up an effective escort service, we work in four different areas:

  • Organisation: a transportation always begins with a good plan. Tiroltrans is a highly computerised company with the best technologies our business requires, so we can study all the difficulties of each case and decide what are the best vehicles and people to make the escort team up;
  • Route: we want the transportation to be fast and sage with no further issues along the way. Our escort leaders are trained to decide the best route to take at any moment, even in case we need to change it, thanks to the technical support of our tools;
  • Bureaucracy: once we decided the route, we inform the authorities and verify if there are any special rules the escort convoy must abide by all over the route. We have a team in charge of the verification of all authorisations and communication with the authorities in case we need to organize a mixed escort;
  • Partnerships: Tiroltrans are not alone, but they can count on the best European transport firms. Obviously we entrust our clients to the most popular firms in our continent, no random choices, so if the vehicle needed another escort in some countries, for example, we would leave it to our organisation department and they would communicate with our partners.

Our experience allows us to have a good certainty in terms of knowledge of the routes, laws, and methods to accomplish the job in the best way possible.

The escort service is not an exception: knowing in advance the criticalities of the route makes us faster and more effective when calculating risks and preparing.

In the end, Tiroltrans offers an all-inclusive escort service and our satisfied clients can tell.