The delivery of two containers weighing 37 tons, 15 m long and 5,2 m wide to the hospital of Vipiteno was a true challenge, from the viewpoint of logistics. In front of a high school, the two containers had to be loaded upon two shorter vehicles, with the help of a crane.
Yesterday, two operating rooms, fully equipped and ready for the use, arrived in Vipiteno with two heavy transport vehicles. These operating rooms are temporary and they ensure holding operations even during the renovation works in the existent rooms.  

As mentioned above, the hospital of Vipiteno is under extensive renovation. Aside from fitting out the neurological rehabilitation unit, the structure also needs renovation of the existent operating rooms - even though the tumor surgery unit will probably be closed. In order to allow for carrying out surgeries in this period, without limiting the hospital functioning, all operations will be performed in the two temporary operating rooms, set in two containers that yesterday were brought to the hospital by means of heavy transportation. 
These prefabricated rooms dispose of all necessary high-tech medical equipment. Besides, in the containers, there's a room for patient preoperative preparation and a recovery room. 
The modular operating rooms were produced by the Cadolto company in Cadolzburg, near Nuremberg. And it was there that Monday evening, Tiroltrans from Bolzano, specialized in exceptional transportations, loaded the two containers, each one weighing 37 tons, upon their two vehicles. Accompanied by four other vehicles, they headed towards the highway for Vipiteno. The transportation could be effectuated only at night. Michael Trocker from Tiroltrans has reported that only planning and preparation for the transport had taken one month and a half. Particularly, they had to obtain various permissions and to explore the route. 
Yesterday, early in the morning, the two vehicles reached the exit of the motorway in Vipiteno, proceeding towards the square in front of the school. It took approximately one hour for each truck to go through this route. The maneuverings had to be extremely precise, where one centimetre could be vital. To let the trucks pass through, it was necessary to demount the road signs. 
The municipal police were supervising the traffic and barricading parking areas. Even road maintanance workers were afoot. On the square in front of the school, the Dal Col company from Merano raised the containers with a crane to shift them on two shorter vehicles in order to allow for overcoming a narrow street leading to the hospital. Once arrived at the destination, the containers were unloaded behind the hospital. 
The two operating rooms are intended to be used since the middle of February, for approximately half a year, up to the end of renovation works in the existent rooms.

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