Water transportation

Oversize loads do not just finish on the road, instead, streets are a big limit when you have to move oversize loads on very long routes, for example when delivering to clients out of Europe.

So, when the streets are not enough, Tiroltrans will do maritime oversize load transportations. And obviously we do it our way.

Our experience teaches us that, just like the road, we have to examine specific solutions for every single case for maritime oversize loads as well, as there could be hidden complications, so it is critical to study all in detail.

First of all, the organisation of our maritime oversize loads transportations begins with the analysis of the load, evaluating many parameters, such as shape and weight, and then we start to reason about what would be the best watercraft for the job.

Our IT tools allow us to examine the route on a computer and pinpoint the most congested routes and what are the necessary authorisations.

After the decision-making phase, we get all the tools we need for the transfer to the boat, like supports, reinforcements, and vehicles to take the load to the harbour. Meanwhile, in our administration department our staff takes care of requesting and getting all the necessary documents and stipulate the required insurances.

On top of that, in maritime oversize loads, we know communication is fundamental, so we always remain in touch with the operational staff to make sure everything goes smooth.
About destinations, we are able to cover all the major harbours in Europe thanks to our long career in this business, which allowed us to take agreements with many companies doing maritime transportations just like us which can give us support for departures towards north Africa, Balkans, and Middle East.

The many European harbours to which Tiroltrans can access are also very important, located in strategic points of the continent:

  • In the Mediterranean Sea we can count on Italian harbours of Genoa, Trieste, Mestre, Leghorn, and Ancona, which allow us to reach the destinations above mentioned by always choosing the shortest route possible;
  • On the Atlantic coast we can find support at Rotterdam and Antwerp, allowing us to depart for places out of Europe, perfect to organise long maritime oversize loads transportations;
  • On the Baltic Sea we have a partnership with the important firm in Lübeck and a base in Hannover, in the middle of Germany.

What is the strength of our partnerships?

First of all, a larger availability of watercrafts, therefore a larger number of solutions we can offer to our clients, but most of all, the chance of skipping some bureaucracy that in other circumstances may waste our and client’s time risking the timeliness of the shipment. If we can always promise to our clients that their load always arrives on time is thanks to these very solid ventures with our partners.

So, for maritime oversize loads, just like all the rest, our clients are in good hands with Tiroltrans, as we have been working in this sector for decades and made agreements and partnerships basically all over Europe.