Project Cargo

TirolTrans can count on a great experience in the sectors of logistics, service and process. A dedicated technical office will analyse several different solutions in terms of loading and transport through our special vehicles.

This particular branch of logistics is also called "projectcargo". In order to find the safest and most appropriate way, a team of qualified staff:

  • plans the load and disposition types
  • analyses the different possible routes
  • coordinates an eventual technical and police escort service in accordance with local authorities

The project "2003 - turbines for Poland - Tiroltrans transported 145 tons thanks to the world's largest cargo-aircraft ANTONOV 255/Malpensa (MI)" is a valid example of our competence in this sector.

However, TirolTrans is more than just road transport. In fact, thanks to a strong co-operation with world's mayor shipping companies, we can offer also sea transportation starting from Genova, Trieste, Mestre, Livorno, Ancona, Rotterdam, Lübeck, Hannover, Antwerpen etc.

TirolTrans is the perfect solution for all your transportation needs.