Heavy Transports

Transport sector is rich in alternatives and solutions to meet the needs of every client, and if there is something we can assume from our experience of over two decades, is that these needs can be very different from each other, meaning we even have to analyse the best method to carry a transportation out.

Here at Tiroltrans we use this very approach, especially when we talk about oversize loads.

What is an oversize load?

Legally, the transportation of goods on the roads must follow strict guidelines and abide by specific laws, which establish precise limits in terms of weight and size of the means of transport and limits on the available routes.

Everything that exceeds those limits can still be legally moved on the road, but it must observe some restrictions on the route and in some cases they must be accompanied by an escort convoy.

Examples of loads considered over the limits are prefabs, containers, construction elements like parts of buildings, roads, bridges, and generators, and industrial materials or machines.

For those companies in need of an international transport, we also have to consider that allowed size and weight vary from country to country and in some countries they even vary from region to region, forcing oversize load drivers to meet the requirements of different countries at the same time.

However, this is not a problem for Tiroltrans.

Oversize loads by Tiroltrans

Since Tiroltrans were born, we never tried to appear on the market with a phony appearance, choosing, instead, to show ourselves for the values that made us great: professionalism, accuracy, and great flexibility.

Our vehicle fleet allows us, in fact, to face every situation and transport loads of any size.

Most important, Tiroltrans also do international and intercontinental transportations, thanks to their collaborations with notable companies in the sectors of air, maritime, and railway oversize load transportations.

Oversize loads services offered by Tiroltrans

What sort of oversize loads can Tiroltrans move? What sort of goods can we transport? What is the maximum weight allowed? Is the transportation timely?

There are the frequently asked questions of those who contact us for the very first time, questions to which we can give one simple answer: there are no limits for Tiroltrans.

Let’s see what are the most requested services:

  • Handling and project cargo: it is a project, more of a transportation, as we have to plan, for each work, the most suitable solutions and pick the best vehicles to carry the load, work together with the Police, which take charge of the escort, and the authorities that guarantee safety and feasibility;
  • Earth-moving machines: with our vehicles we are able to move tractors, agricultural, and building site machinery in relatively short times and without any particular issues;
  • Industrial carpentry and boiler-making materials: they are very heavy materials, such as boards, planks, pipes, metal sheets, and machinery. Our vehicles are also suitable for this kind of loads;
  • Maritime transportations: when vehicles are not enough, we can arrange maritime routes from the most important harbours in Europe thanks to our commercial partnerships;
  • Oversize loads of long productions: what if a client needs to move materials over 100 feet long and 100 tons of weight? We have dedicated vehicles;
  • Civil and industrial handling: we can move railway carriages, locomotives, and various kinds of civil transport vehicles;
  • Air transportations: the strength of Tiroltrans is in their ability to transport any kind of goods to any part of the world, and nothing is better than air transportations to make sure it happens.

Professional service and logistical organisation

Any kind of service we offer includes a phase of planning and organisation in order to always choose the best means and assure a timely and safe delivery at all times.

So, if you need to transport an oversize load, do not worry and contact us, we will always have a solution for you.