Our History

Tiroltrans was founded in 1983.

Tiroltrans (Tiroltrans Nuova) is a leading company in the sector of freight and logistics and operates successfully on the whole European area, in most Eastern European countries as well as oversea (North- and South America). Thanks to a constant technological development, Tiroltrans can count on a modern fleet, able to meet all of our customers' requests concerning logistics and transports.

Tiroltrans is able to dispatch any kind of industrial product, such as turbines, converters, ship's engines, windmills and wagons by offering an all inclusive service. Tiroltrans has different kind of trucks at their disposal - from flat bed trailer, to dolly trucks, from expandable semi-trailer to low-bed trailer and modular vehicles that can meet all of our customers' requests in terms of extra lenght, width, weight and height.

Our Philospohie

Founded in the nineties, Tiroltrans has immediately made a name for itself in the sector of extraordinary transports. Right from the outset it showed competence, expertise and the ability to adjust its own logistic structures and its fleet of vehicles to technological development. Precision down to the smallest detail even when it comes to large scale transports: exceptionally long, wide or high transports, combined with heavy loads are, by now, part of our core business. Our range of action does not end within Europe's borders. Thanks to a close cooperation with major shipping companies, train stations as well as airports, we are able to organize and offer also international transports.

We will care about all necessary measures in order to ensure a safe and punctual transport but also a fast service without difficulties, which is also guaranteed by a cooperation with the Police and other public authorities. Our transport accompaniment service provides an additional warranty. Thanks to constant developments and ongoing updates the company can daily count on an own, technologically advanced fleet able to meet all of the customers request and needs.

Expandable trailers, low bed trailers, mega trailers, flatbed and modular trailers, ready to transport heavy loads up to 250 tons. Tiroltrans - the quick and safe way to transport your goods. Tiroltrans is also present in the sector of project and facility logistics, planning universal logistic concepts for the transport of heavy goods, machinery parts and even entire plants. For this type of service we engage highly specialized employees only, who, thanks to a long professional experience in this field, will soon find the right solution to every kind of logistical problem.

Additional services:

  • Transport of cars, mobile cranes and similar machineries
  • Detailed planning of large plants
  • Cranes for uploading, downloading and positioning of heavy goods
  • Land transport, sea transport and international transports
  • Dismantling of industrial plants and wind power plants
  • License acquisition service for special and heavy transports
  • Escort service for special and heavy transports
  • Preparing of custom documents as well as exportation certifications
  • Heavy good transport to every European destination
  • International distribution of commercial goods

Our Team

Our highly qualified team consists of a specialist staff trained in the transportation, logistics and administration of the haulage orders. The different generations working for our company make up a unique staff that is the basis for a comprehensive know-how which incorporates both the long-established experience of our older colleagues and the technological skills of our younger employees.

And what is the outcome? It is a safe, fast and efficient service.